Universal Childcare Akasaka

Address Akasaka J's Building 1F
Akasaka 7-7-5
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Telephone 03-5797-7280
Email info@uc-akasaka.jp
Url http://uc-akasaka.jp
Classes Age 0-1 6 Children*
Age 1-6 12 Children
* ages of fully 5-months
Time 08:00 - 19:00 Mon-Fri
Holidays Saturdays,Sundays, Public (legal) holidays,Goldenweek,Summer vacation
Seasonal (New Year) holidays
Staff Principle, Teachers*1, Assistant teachers,
Office staff, Managerial nutritionist,
Commissioned doctor, Commissioned nurse,
*1 All teachers are certified nursery school workers,
or have nurse, childbirth assistant,public health nurse licenses.
*2 Music, dance/rhythm, and other outside teachers in accordance with program


Chiyoda Line
A 5-MINUTE walk from AKASAKA Station [EXIT 7]

Chiyoda Line
A 8-MINUTE walk from NOGIZAKA Station [EXIT 1]

Oedo Line
A 11-MINUTE walk from Roppongi Station [EXIT 11]

Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line
A 12-MINUTE walk from AKASAKA-MITSUKE Station [EXIT 10]

Namboku Line / Ginza Line
A 12-MINUTE walk from TAMEIKE-SANNO Station [EXIT 11]

Oedo Line / Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line
A 13-MINUTE walk from AOYAMA-ICCHOUME Station [EXIT 4]


 A 2-MINUTE walk from Chii − Bus (AKASAKA Route) “No.39 Akasaka 5 − chome Police Box “ Bus Stop.


From IKEBUKURO -- Inner Circular Route(Shuto Expressway) -- KASUMIGASEKI EXIT, 1700m(6minutes) 
From MEGURO -- Inner Circular Route(Shuto Expressway) -- IIKURA EXIT, 1800m(7minutes)
From SHINJUKU --- Route4(Shuto Expressway) -- GAIEN EXIT, 2200m(8minutes)


There’s room exclusively for bicycles and strollers during the opening hours.
All children have limitless possibilities.
At UCA, we support the START of the children through a variety of programs that encourage rich sensibilities, inquisitive minds, and compassionate hearts, and which nurture, during time shared with friends, mutually recognized diversity, sociability, cooperation, and independence.
UCA's special features

Childcare conducted in English

With the children of course, but including also the staff, for all activities at the school we basically use English. We will give special guidance to children who have difficulty speaking English.

Nurturing of sensitivity toward many cultures

We foster enriched sensibilities in the children by having them experience the cultures -- especially the musics, arts, and festivals -- of many countries and regions, including the cultures of Japan. Through programs relevant to society and the region, we encourage the growth of the children as individual human beings by imparting social rules.

Flexible reception

Parents and guardians are free to choose, within UCA's daily operating hours, the times they bring and pick up their children from day to day. Our flexible reception system permits parents and guardians freer use of the time their children are in our care.

Simple fee schedule

At UCA, we have simplified and clarified our fee schedule for our general program. Our comprehensive fee includes food, diapers, educational materials, facility maintenance costs, and extended time. We do not add surcharges. If extra charges arise for, say, participation in an event or something, we will notify you in advance, and you will have the option of participating or not participating.

Organic living

Our registered nutritionists prepare menus that take into consideration children's allergies and religious practices, using 100 percent organic vegetables obtained directly from growers. Furthermore, we use towels and other linen made from organic materials, which is gentle on skin.


・Harie (Paper collages)
・Origami (Paper folding)
・Snack making
(Help preparing food)
・Using flash cards etc.


・Hugging time
・Baby massage
(Massaging of 0-year-old children)
・Picture-story shows
・Listening to readings of picture books
・Colors, shapes, animals, etc.
・Numbers, letters, kana, kanji
・Simple arithmetic


・Table manners
・Cleaning up and putting away
・Toilet training

Annual schedules

October  Halloween (all classes)
November  Dry trip (2-year-old class)
December  Playing with Santa (all classes)
 Seasonal (New Year) holidays
January  Rice-cake making (1-2-year-old classes)
February  Dance fest (all classes)

March  Blossom-viewing excursion (1-2-year-old classes)
April  Easter egg hunt (all classes)
May  Athletic meet (2-year-old class)
June  Day trip (1-2-year-old classes)
July  Tanabata (Star Festival) (all classes)
August  School year ends

Daily schedule (Example)

08:00 - 09:00 Children arrive (Drop-off)
09:00 - 11:45 Play
11:45 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 14:00 Nap
14:00 - 15:00 Play
15:00 - 15:30 Snack
17:30 - 18:30 Dinner (light meal)
15:30 - 19:30 Children leave (Pick-up)

UUCA in principle accepts children between fully 5 months and 2 (not yet 3) years old of any nationality. For a child not yet 5 months or fully 3 or more years old, please consult us.
UCA's calendar begins from 1 September, and so we will assign children to classes according to their age as of 1 September. However, in special cases,we will consider special treatment.
We will interview parents with their children prior to entrance. As the program language will be English, the interview will generally be conducted in English. However, if you desire, they can conduct the interview in Japanese.
Parent-guardians will need to sign a statement of consent that they understand and will observe UCA rules and regulations.
Parent-guardians will also need to sign an agreement concerning clarifications and mutual understandings of a child's religious circumstances.

Admissions process

1.  Distribution of application form
2.  Reception of applications
3.  Screening of applications,
 notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance of application,
 Scheduling of interviews
4.  Parent-child interviews
 notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance of application,
 Scheduling of interviews
5.  Notifications of passing or not passing interview, Distribution of documents to be completed for entrance

Mid-term admissions

In the event that openings arise during a term, we will recognize mid-term admissions. We will first contact people on our waiting list by telephone or email. Notifications of openings will also be posted on our website.
In cases of mid-term admissions, monthly fees will be computed in accordance with the number of months remaining in the term.


Full Member 正会員 (Monthly Plan 月預かり)
Childcare Fee
(Includes Food expences,Teaching material,etc)
¥180,000/Mon 3-6years
¥200,000/Mon 2years
¥220,000/Mon 1year
¥240,000/Mon 0year

Entrance Fee ¥100,000/At time of entrance
Renewal Fee ¥20,000/Every half year

Associate Member 準会員 (Hourly Plan 一時預り)
Childcare Fee
(Includes Food expences,Teaching material,etc)
¥2,000/Hour Mon-Fri
¥2,500/Hour Sat

Entrance Fee ¥50,000/At time of entrance
Renewal Fee ¥10,000/Every 6-month term

We have adopted a simple fee schedule that eliminates the payment of charges for extended care. Under our plan, you are free to bring and pick up your child anytime during our operating hours.
Under the monthly-care plan, diapers, towels, tooth brushes, uniforms, meals (lunch, an afternoon snack, and a light evening meal), and other such daily essentials are included in the fees. Parents can bring their child to the campus without preparing such items.
There will be no unforeseen fees in addition to the listed fees. In the event that there are fees for participation in special events, parents will be notified in advance, and they can freely opt not to participate.
General features of membership plans
Full Member
○ Preferential admission and scheduling
○ Average cost of full usage is half rate of hourly billing
○ No fees for late cancellations of scheduled hours or days
Associate Member
○ Monthly payments afterward
 Billed for payment by end of each following month
○ No guarantee of opening if classes are already full
○ Billing for every 15-minutes exceeding one hour
○ Billing for fees for late cancellations
Examples of ideal usage
Full Member
○ Ideal for parents with full-time jobs.
○ Ideal for families needing irregular full-day childcare
○ Guaranteed acceptance of child during operating hours
Associate Member
○ Ideal for working parents who don't need daily care
○ Ideal for families needing only occasional childcare
○ Good chance of acceptance if scheduled well in advance
General features of membership plans
Full Member
○ Semi-annual payments in advance
 In February for Spring Term, in August for Fall Term
○ Preferential admission and scheduling
○ Average cost of full usage is half rate of hourly billing
○ No fees for late cancellations of scheduled hours or days
Associate Member
○ Monthly payments afterward
 Billed for payment by end of each following month
○ No guarantee of opening if classes are already full
○ Billing for every 15-minutes exceeding one hour
○ Billing for fees for late cancellations
Full Member
○ While full members are eligible to make use of our childcare
 services every hour of every day of operation, contracts willreflect
 the specific days and hours each family intends to actually leave
 their child in our care.
○ Contracts will also reflect the child's dietary and other specific needs.
○ Please consult with us as far as possible in advance if you wish to
 change anything in the contract, especially the days and hours that you
 wish to reserve for your child.
○ No fees for changing or cancelling scheduled childcare
 However, without sufficient advance notice, we may
 not be able to accommodate requested changes
Associate Member
○ Contact us by email or phone to schedule childcare
  (We will accommodate same-day requests if possible)
○ Reservations accepted up to 3-months in advance
○ Fees for changes or cancellations of scheduled hours will be
 billed as follows.
 30% of hours changed/cancelled 2 days before
 50% of hours changed/cancelled 1 day before
 100% of same-day changes/cancellations
Payment methods
Full Member
○ Semi-annual payments paid before start of each term
 ・ In February for Spring Term (March-August)
 ・ In August for Fall Term (September-February)
○ Payments will include all fees applicable to term
 ・ Registration Fee (1st term only)
 ・ Renewal Fee (from 2nd term)
 ・ 6-month Childcare Fee (each term)
○ Payments to be deposited in designated bank account
Associate Member
○ Membership fees paid in advance
 ・ Registration Fee (1st term only)
 ・ Renewal Fee (from 2nd term)
○ Hourly Childcare Fees paid monthly
 ・ By end of following month
○ Billed by 10th of following month
○ Payments will be deposited in designated bank account
○ Late payments will be billed at
 an annual interest rate of 7% compounded monthly


If you have any questions, however small, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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